Free initial consultation

I like to offer a free first appointment to decide whether we both feel comfortable working together. This will take place in a private room within a suitable, confidential, and safe environment. During our first meeting, we will discuss what you hope to get out of therapy. A further number of meetings will be agreed, with a review towards the end of that period.  I work with adults individually offering short term or long term therapy daytime and evening. Where appropriate, I would refer my clients to other forms of help or therapy if I feel that would be better suited to the difficulties they want help with.

The idea is to start with the most significant issue that needs resolution before other issues can be resolved or mastered. This is because the presence of one issue may perhaps start out a chain of other ones; when this issue is resolved, the other ones either improve or at least move into a position to be explored and modified. 

My practice is based in Oxford, Uk.

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Some people may feel excluded from accessing therapy due to the typically high cost. I offer professional and affordable Psychotherapeutic Counselling. Normally my charge is between £35 to £50 per session but the lowest cost would depend only upon your own financial circumstances (i.e. reductions for the unemployed or those on a low income/budget). This should be made clear at the outset. Payment should be made on the day or in advance. No charge for cancellation of appointment if given 48 hours notice.

How long does each therapy sessions last? 

Each session will last 50 minutes, one session per week only (up to 10 sessions - not including the initial consultation). 

Confidentiality and ethics 

All information disclosed is treated as confidential, within certain clearly defined limits. These will be discuss with you when we meet. I work strictly within the boundaries of the NCS and the BACP code of ethics.

In exchange for the service provided

I expect my clients to act politely, to arrive on time, and to let me know promptly if they change their mind or wish to cancel an appointment, so I can allocate the time to others rather than waste it.